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High-frequency transformers skeleton design should pay attention to what?

High-frequency transformers skeleton junction structure design should be based on drawings or samples provided by customers, coupled with his experience in the design, try to design the model in 3D, 2D construction drawings and to avoid modification of the defect, and then gradually modified, as well as finalizing . If the customer is poorly designed, it should be offered to reconfirm common skeleton structure with customer technical staff. Skeleton in the design, should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. raw materials must meet the customer's processes and requirements, be sure to press the material characteristics of the skeleton design. Yellow card to confirm the general reference framework wall thickness; yellow card while referring to the temperature display, and customers baking process and solder temperature for comparison, meets the conditions of customers.
2. Metal pins, smooth or flat posts by clients PCB board, the general use of iron (steel) Quality pins more. When customers have special requirements for pins better conductivity, the need to consider the use of copper and other conductive material better.
3. The current RoHS, Halogen-free, SVHC and other environmental requirements of increasingly urgent, while the selection must meet these requirements.
4. subject to the requirements of high-frequency transformer type, size must be less than the size of the finished transformer.
5. The core hole is required to play the core pillar size, generally higher than the upper limit of tolerance for a large core; blade fixed core is generally higher than the inner diameter of the core is smaller and lower tolerances. The purpose of this design is that, to facilitate the subsequent wear repair mode. Quote sheet with customer class skeleton automatic winding tension appropriate job requirements (winding process with a loose skeleton will fall off, the operator is difficult to tight insertion or removal), the core hole and wound fixture the tolerances should be controlled at about 0.05.
6. Abduction through the trough of copper wire path, as well as to avoid breakage, split pins feet, sand production and other anomalies appear, so groove width for an end too close to consider: copper wire diameter of the pinhole the edge of the wall thickness, burr handle grit size. Under normal circumstances, too big for trunking, to avoid sand, but also to facilitate customers over copper wire, but after trunking bigger, the remaining wall thickness of the edge of the pinhole will be small, easy to produce when the pin cracked feet.
7. pinhole not too deep, the wall thickness of the pinhole in the bottom of the need to ensure that more than 0.5mm to avoid cracking or perforation of bad plug when inserted pins.
8. The need to do R angle transition, in addition to increasing the strength to prevent damage, but also improve some production problems when. Especially over the trough edge, the outer layer of insulation to prevent the copper coated paint scratches; core hole edge can be easily inserted into the core; a bobbin four weeks to increase the strength of the blade and the like.
9. The need to design anti-reverse pin structure to bump the best results, which can increase the corresponding grooves and bumps in the direction corresponding to the runway, but lead to avoid product put foot dislocations.
10. Retaining higher or larger leaf skeleton, the need to design stripping slope, to facilitate the production during ejection.
11. The skeleton supporting the lid, we should pay attention to portion size and fit the lid.
12. The post-piece skeleton bobbin in the middle of the blade should be designed with the corresponding hooks to prevent the situation when the copper wire is not in place; the leaves should also design gap, so that the winding needle pass.
13. The best design of the inlet recessed notches, depending on the frame size, generally concave cutout deep 0.5-1.0mm. This avoids the residual raw materials allocated when the affected product dimensions. If you can not design gap, increasing mill feed opening fixture, in order to meet the size requirements.
14. The thick wall of plastic skeleton, should be designed recessed notch in the plastic in many places, try to ensure uniform thickness, to avoid serious shrinkage phenomenon.
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