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Transformer skeleton solve moisture problems

Transformer skeleton may occur when using the moisture problem, and that we need to how to solve these problems? Here's look at the relevant solutions.
1, dried by air generator body of finishing. Complex finishing process takes a long body of the product, it can be closed between, inwardly through the generator into the air-dried treated dry air (dew point of -40 ℃). Dry air access, always maintain a positive pressure within the closed room to prevent moist air from entering. There are insulating materials to the fuel tank assembly or internal wiring and so on for a long time to work, and also to the fuel tank dry air to maintain positive pressure, protecting the body of insulation and moisture exhaled diluted operatives. This method is particularly suitable for installation on-site transformer repair, transformation.
2, reduced assembly time, the holder height temperature. This requires that the operator must have proficiency in technology and standardized procedures, make pre-production technical preparation and familiarity drawings; also asked the organizers to invest the necessary production staff, neither the formation nor I missed work quickly organize workers into the box production situation.
3, the body of dried and vacuum vapor immersion oil treatment after finishing the body of. Vacuum immersion oil, transformer oil into the insulating material inside the fiber impede ingress of moisture, slow absorption rate, increasing assembly time. But kept a short time immersion oil is not completely soaked insulation, oil and atmospheric exposure also save water absorption and low productivity, the body of the subject to dust pollution. This method is suitable for high-voltage large-capacity products. Here for everyone to share an article, "part of transformer skeleton"
4, again into the drying cans heated to raise the temperature of the body of. Some products are often complex structures not within the specified time sorting box cover is completed, but can not allow the body temperature is lowered again into the heating tank to raise the temperature of the body of the insulating material the water vapor partial pressure is always higher than the ambient water vapor partial pressure, insulation material is not hygroscopic. During the day finishing the evening into the furnace heat insulation products are various enterprises commonly used method.
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