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BOBBIN quality inspection

BOBBIN quality inspection
In addition to the development of new products designed to verify the quality of the production phase of the product and the first article inspection tour, the final full inspection is an important part of strengthening quality. Dianmu skeleton is fragile class product, every link in the production of abnormal breakage can produce, such as collision flash treatment is, when the collision pin, product transit time of collision. Therefore, it is necessary to check the full, so as to filter out the bad products, to ensure that the customer's products are of good quality and enhance the company's quality image. In the final test, the best arrangements for veteran employees to operate, for after each product separately made full inspection guide book phenomenon suspended all seized by the inspector directed the whole book selection requirements. As far as possible when selecting a slower speed to ensure that each and every single part of the product can be confirmed again.
The above product design, mold design and manufacturing, production stage interrelated, each process will affect the whole skeleton production. Product design directly affects the design and manufacture molds, according to the product structure can not design such as mold; when the product structural design is unreasonable when, at the time of injection molding after the mold manufacturing will bring good indirect effects, such as colloidal too thick to produce shrink, thin and fragile structures such as design problems caused by irrational; because pinhole edge colloid is thin pins to produce undesirable cracking feet. So, throughout the skeleton of the design and manufacturing process, the design is a very important part of good design will bring a lot of unnecessary repair mode operation, and poor product quality caused by higher production scrap for subsequent
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