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Classification skeleton What?

Transformers have a lot of skeletons. Different types of characteristics are not the same transformer accessories.
They can be classified in many ways.
First, according to the cooling points:
(1) dry-type transformers skeleton: to rely on air convection for cooling, generally used for local lighting, electronic circuits and other small capacity transformers skeleton.
(2) oil-immersed transformer skeleton: to rely on oil as a cooling medium, such as oil-immersed self-cooled, oil-cooled, oil cooled and forced oil circulation.
Second, according to the form of the core points:
(1) core BOBBIN: a high-voltage power transformers.
(2) amorphous alloy transformer skeleton: amorphous alloy core transformer with new magnetic materials, load current is decreased about 80%, is the ideal energy-saving effect of distribution transformers, especially for rural areas and the development of regional power grid and other lower load rate place.
(3) shell BOBBIN: Special transformers for high-current, such as electric transformers, welding transformers; or used in electronic equipment and television, radios and other power transformer skeleton.
Third, according to zoning:
(1) Power transformers skeleton: for outputting liter distribution system voltage drop.
(2) instrument transformers Skeleton: as voltage transformers, current transformers for measuring instrumentation and protection equipment.
(3) test transformer skeleton: to produce high-pressure, high-voltage electrical equipment test.
(4) Special Transformer skeleton: If furnace transformer, rectifier transformers, transformers and other adjustments.
Fourth, divided by the number of phases:
(1) single-phase transformer skeleton: single-phase and three-phase transformer load group.
(2) three-phase transformer skeleton: a liter three-phase system, the voltage drop.
Five minutes by winding form:
(1) two-winding transformer skeleton: is used to connect the two power system voltage levels.
(2) three-winding transformer skeleton: Usually substation for power system area, connecting three voltage levels.
(3) autotransformer Electric Skeleton: used to connect different voltage power system. Also can be used as ordinary after boosting or lowering effect with transformer skeleton.
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