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Role and Classification transformer skeleton

1 provides space for transformer winding copper wire
2 fixed transformer core.
3 provided the backbone trunking path line transformer winding to produce.
4 pin is a metal skeleton transformer winding copper pillars; after solder connected with the PCB board, play a role in conducting the work of the transformer.
5 Retaining skeleton at the bottom of the PCB transformer can produce a fixed effect; generated when the solder tin pile the PCB, the PCB and the core to provide a certain distance space; isolated core and the tin heap to avoid bad pressure.
6 skeleton bumps, pits or chamfer, may decide to place the pin direction or order of transformers.
BOBBIN - Classification
General framework used by the transformer core (or cores) type for the classification, EI, EE, EF, EPC, ER, RM, PQ, UU and other models, and each model and can be core (or cores ) to distinguish size, such as EE5, EE8, EE13, EE19 and other models of different sizes. Skeleton according to the shape is divided into: vertical and horizontal; according to the operating frequency of the transformer is divided into high-frequency and low-frequency skeleton skeleton are two, here by frequency, does not refer to the frequency of use, but to work in the transformer when the number of cyclical changes in Hertz (Hz), abbreviated Hz, is also commonly used kilohertz (kHz) or megahertz (MHz) or GHz units do; according to the nature of the use of the pin skeleton, is divided into traditional skeleton (DIP) and post-piece skeleton (SMD) two kinds.
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