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BOBBIN range of applications

Transformer skeleton is extremely broad. Transformer should be used in almost all electronic products, it is simple in principle, but according to different occasions (different purposes) the transformer winding process will be different requirements.
BOBBIN short circuit accident should how to deal with. The first problem encountered Consideration should be what. First, check the transformer short circuit parts after the accident, the test.
BOBBIN when subjected to sudden short-circuit, the most prone to deformation is low-voltage winding and winding balance, then the high pressure winding, core and clamps. So check the transformer short circuit accident skeleton mainly check the winding, core, clamps, and other parts.
First, the inspection and test windings
Due to a short circuit transformer skeleton, in the role of electric power, while the winding by a variety of forces acting pressure, pulling, bending, etc., caused by the failure of its strong concealment, it is not easy to check and repair, we should focus on the short circuit fault check the winding conditions.
Second, the core and clamps checked.
Transformer skeleton core should have sufficient mechanical strength. The mechanical strength of the core is to rely on the strength of their connections all the clamping member on the core to guarantee. When winding generates electric power, axial force winding clip will be offset by a reaction force, if the clip, pull the sheet strength is less than the axial force, clamps, pull the plate and the winding will be damaged. Therefore, you should carefully check the core, clamps, and its connections to the drawing board member.
Transformer skeleton is converted AC voltage, current and impedance of the device, when the primary coil has an alternating current, the core (or cores) and will generate an alternating magnetic flux induced in the secondary coil voltage (or current).
The basic principle is the transformer skeleton principle of electromagnetic induction. --- Skeleton transformer principle of electromagnetic induction, passing from one circuit to another circuit or one electrical power transmission signal is an important element of energy transfer or as a signal transmission.
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