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Transformer skeleton operation process

1, transformer steady transformer installed in place of truck crane dumped directly into the transformer chamber, or the erection of temporary track woods, take three steps, hanging chain hanging onto the temporary track, then pulled into the chain hoist indoor place. The transformer in place, should pay attention to its orientation and size of the drawing from the wall in line with tolerance of ± 25mm, while drawing no label, according to the longitudinal rails in place, laterally away from the wall not less than 800mm, away from the door must not be less than 1000mm. Installation of transformers skeleton of the gantry: double pole column installation of transformers, two root open to 2m. Distribution transformers bench with two or four channel fixed on two poles, bench height from the ground not less than 25m, the slope of the gantry plane is not more than 1/100. Lumbar column should not be less than 4mm diameter of wire wrapped twice or more, should be wrapped tightly in prison, charged back from the bar no less than 0.2m. At the same stigma to install the dust cover high-voltage transformer, the transformer hang warning signs.
2, high and low pressure side of the drop-out fuse installed transformer fuse should be installed separately. The bottom of the high-pressure side of the fuse vertical height on the ground of not less than 4.5m, the level of each phase fuse distance of not less than 0.5m, in order to facilitate the fuse tube smoothly after falling down operations and fuse blows, drop-out fuse the axis of the vertical line should be 15 ° ~ 30 ° inclination. The bottom of the low pressure side of the fuse vertical distance from the ground not less than 3.5m, the level of each phase fuse closer than 0.2m. Select the drop-out fuse link principle according to "ensure that the internal distribution transformer or high and low pressure outlet quickly fuse the sleeve short circuit" to select, fuse fuse time must be less than or equal to 0.1s. According to rules: capacity 100kVA and below, the high-pressure side of the fuse rated current by 2 to 3 times the rated current of the transformer capacity choice; capacity of 100kVA or more, the high-pressure side of the fuse rated current of the transformer rated current capacity of 1.5 to 2 choose times. BOBBIN low voltage side fuse according to the low pressure side of the rated current selection.
3, operating experience arrester installed to prove: the impact of external dangers the safe operation of distribution transformers, mostly from lightning accidents. Thus, the transformer should be installed lightning protection devices. SIPO selected synthetic insulation jacket gapless metal oxide surge arresters valve instead of the original porcelain jacket arrester frequency voltage withstand capability, good sealing, protection features and stability. Arrester should be installed between the transformer and fuse, and as close to the transformer. This can not only effectively protect the transformer, and easy maintenance. Further, in order to prevent the low-voltage side and inverse transform wave lightning wave intrusion, should also be installed in the low pressure side of the low-voltage surge arresters. To prevent lightning current on the ground resistance arrester residual pressure drop and added together, acting on the insulation transformer, should arrester ground terminal, transformer skeleton shell and the low pressure side of the neutral point of the cross-section of not less than 25mm2 multi plastic strand copper wire connected together, then connected with the grounding device lead on the line.
4, grounding the current rural power grids in rural small-capacity transformers cloth points, thunderstorm season 10kV distribution transformers are often struck by lightning, since the grounding resistance is too large, reach the rules of order value, the lightning current can not be quickly spilled into the earth, causing arrester itself residual pressure is too large, or generate a high voltage drop across the resistor to ground, causing the transformer burn accidents. Thus, the grounding resistance of grounding devices must comply with the rules of order value. For 10kV distribution transformer: Capacity at 100kVA or less, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10Ω; capacity above 100kVA, the grounding resistance should not exceed 4Ω. Grounding device construction is completed ground resistance testing should be carried out, after passing the backfill. At the same time, the housing must be grounded transformer skeleton, shell grounding bolt tightening application, unavailable welding weld directly to overhaul. Underground part of the grounding device by the horizontal and vertical grounding grounding body composition, level of grounding body with a length of 6m of 40 × 4mm flat steel, vertical ground is used three lengths of 2m of L50 × 50 × 5mm angle iron welded with the level of grounding. Level of grounding in the soil buried deep 0.6 ~ 0.8m, vertical ground is based on the level of grounding into the ground inside. Ground lead on the line using 40 × 4mm flat steel, in order to detect electrical safety and convenience, the column-mounted transformers, cited on-line connection point should be located at the bottom of the channel position of the transformer.
5, variable lead off the line station built and engineered variants lead off the line station should adopt multi-strand insulated wire, the section shall be the rated capacity of the transformer skeleton choice, but the high pressure side lead off the copper core wire of not less than 16mm2, aluminum not less than 25mm2, eliminate the use of single-strand wire and substandard wiring. Taking into account the lead off the line around the building safe distance.
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