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Installation and precautions transformer skeleton

1, equipment and materials ready
Transformer skeleton should be fitted with the nameplate. Shall indicate the name of the manufacturer, rated capacity, a secondary rated capacity, a secondary rated voltage, current, impedance, voltage wiring group% and other technical data on the nameplate. Transformer capacity, specifications and models must meet the design requirements. Accessories complete spare parts, and factory certification and technical documents. Steel: a variety of steel should meet the design requirements, no significant corrosion. Bolt: In addition to the anchor bolts and shock mounts bolt, the bolt should be galvanized, and with the corresponding flat washer and spring washer. Other materials: welding, rust, mixed paint, etc. shall meet the design requirements, and product certification.
2, job conditions
Construction drawings and technical information is complete and correct. Construction of basic construction is completed, elevation, size, structure and strength embedded parts meet the design requirements. Roof, roof spraying is finished, no leaking roofs, doors, windows and glass installation intact. End indoor crude ground works, site clean, smooth road.
3, the transfer test transformer
Content transformer skeleton handover test: together with the casing measuring winding DC resistance together; check all transformer tap transformer ratio; check the three-phase transformer connection group and individual transformer pinout polarity; measuring coil with the sleeve together insulation resistance; together with the casing winding AC voltage test done together.
4, the transformer power transmission before the examination
Get power transformer test run before doing a comprehensive inspection, confirmation may be put into operation when the conditions meet the test run. Transformer before commissioning, must be approved for the quality supervision department inspection. Check the contents transformer skeleton test run before; ① a variety of test documents complete transfer data to meet the requirements. ② transformer should clean up, wipe clean, no debris left over, body and attachments no defects on the cover. ③ transformer primary and secondary leads the phase correct, good insulation. ④ ground is good. ⑤ ventilation installed, working properly. ⑥ signs hung, doors, locks.
5, power transmission transformer acceptance test run
Transmission test run: When pressure is put first, the total pressure shock closing, closing at impact can generally be put into the high-pressure side. After the first by the transformer power, the duration of not less than 10min, no exceptions. Transformer should be 3 to 5 times the total pressure shock closing, no exceptions, should not cause inrush current protection device malfunction. Transformer test run to pay attention to the impact of current, load current, a secondary voltage and temperature. And make detailed records. Transformer no-load running for 24 hours, no abnormal circumstances, be put into operation load. Acceptance: ① transformer charged from the beginning, 24H after no abnormal situation, should acceptance procedures. ② acceptance shall transfer the following information and documents: proof of design changes. Product specifications, test report card, certificate and installation drawings and other technical documents. Check the installation and adjustment of records.
6, quality standards
Test and adjust the body of the test results of power transformers skeleton and its annexes, must comply with the construction specification. High and low voltage porcelain surface damage and non-cracked enamel damage and other defects. Transformer installation location should be accurate, the body of surface are clean, paint intact. Transformer connected to the line shall meet the following requirements: ① closely connected, connecting bolt locking device complete, porcelain casing from external forces. ② zero line along the body of connected devices down to the ground line, securely. Wire connection ③ body of each of attachment between the protective tube, protection tube, junction box stable fixation, the cover is complete. ④ transformer lead busbar and stents, wire protection tube and then the zero line, etc. should be easy to disassemble, move, without prejudice to the swing overhaul. Each connection bolt threaded nut 2-3 buckle leakage protection tube and color, corrosion bracket complete. ⑤ shell transformer and its accessories and other non-live metal parts should be grounded, and comply with the relevant requirements.
7, security
Suo door transformer should be added, without permission of the unit installed, Xianzarenyuan not be admitted. To place high and low voltage transformer bushing and purple epoxy casting, should anti-smashing and anti-collision measures. Transformer skeleton body to keep clean, face painting collision damage. Dry-type transformers to take protective measures in place to prevent iron pieces fall into the coil. When the transformer top job, the operator can not stare stepped transformer, and with a tool belt, tools and materials to prevent the fall smashed injured transformer.
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