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Transformer skeleton raw material baking temperature

Transformer skeleton in the design, should pay attention to several aspects: the need to comply with the requirements of transformer type, size must be less than the size of the finished transformer. Metal pins, smooth or flat posts by clients PCB board, the general use of iron (steel) Quality pins more. When customers have special requirements for pins better conductivity, the need to consider the use of copper and other conductive material better. Raw materials must meet the customer's processes and requirements, be sure to press the material characteristics of the skeleton design. Yellow card to confirm the general reference framework wall thickness;
Yellow card while referring to the temperature display, with the customer's manufacturing process and the baking temperature solder for comparison, meets the conditions of customers. As the starting material GE RTI Elec temperature of 105 degrees, 130 degrees for the customer baking temperature, this material apparently does not meet the customer's process conditions. Currently more and more urgent environmental requirements, selection, while the need to meet these requirements.
Transformer skeleton is part of the main structure of the transformer. Transformers are widely used in today's society, the corresponding body is also essential, so the current framework has an irreplaceable role. The role of the skeleton in the transformer following main points: a fixed transformer core. The transformer winding copper wire to provide space for retaining the skeleton at the bottom of the PCB transformer can produce a fixed effect; generated when the solder tin pile the PCB, the PCB and the core, to provide space for a certain distance ; isolation and tin the core stack, avoid adverse pressure
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